Gone but Not Forgotten


2023 Reunion Update “We are going baaaaaack to Daytona!”

Saturday 7/24/21 Reunion director David Wilkerson announced the 2023 All Class Reunion would be held at the Dayton Beach Oceanfront Resort hotel in Daytona Beach Florida. The Reunion dates are 8/4 – 8/6 2023. The room block is good from 7/29 – 8/8/2023.

Reunion attendees at the Tucson reunion were give 48 hours to pre register at a discounted pre-early bird rate. At the closing of the pre-early bird period 100 people had pre registered. The early bird period is now in play and anyone can Register Now.

The current early-bird reunion rates are as follows:

Sustaining Member:$200.00
Member: $210.00
Non-Member: $260.00

Hotel room reservations can’t be made until at least 8/15/2022. We must be inside of 1 year, and at least one week, before the reservation module can be applied to the Hilton system. The room rate will be $138.00 + tax.

2023 Thai Dinner:

The Thursday night Thai dinner option will be offered to attendees in the order they registered. At this time we expect to be able to seat 175 people between. We will announce the dinner and pricing at a later date and will email the first 175 who are registered privately. After the first 175 are given the opportunity to sign up for the Thai dinner we will email the list in order until it is sold out.

Past Reunion

The ISB Alumni Network and Foundation Board of Directors recognize that pandemic related guidance and requirements are continuing to change with the circumstances. At the current time, as of April 25, we are proceeding with our Reunion planning in accordance to the Hilton Covid 19 corporate policy as well as Pima County Covid-19 and Arizona state guidelines. Visit Arizona Covid

Attendees of our reunion should make their own decisions about personal health and exposure during travel. We will not require vaccinations nor record of such. The health and safety of all people attending the reunion remains the top priority as we resume our plans for the 2021 ISB Alumni Reunion. We are committed to keeping everyone updated on the COVID-19 Safety Protocols as set forth by the state of Arizona and the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel. We will encourage our attendees to practice safety precautions that will limit and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to communicate safety guidelines as they become available to us understanding that the suggested guidelines can change at the reunion. We respect everyone’s personal decision and choice as to whether they feel comfortable attending the reunion this year.

2021 Tucson Reunion Information

We have received updates from the Hilton El Conquistador Hotel pertaining to the completion of the room migration and how to reserve a room for the 2021 reunion.

For those with reservations for 2020 All reservations from our 2020 event have been migrated to the 2021 reunion Confirmations were sent via email.

If you have received your confirmation email and you do not want to make any changes, there is no action required, so carry on!!

Reunion 2021

It is time to make plans to join your friends and ISB family at the 2021 ISB Network Reunion!
El Conquistador Tucson, A Hilton Resort in Oro Valley, Arizona
July 23-25, 2021 – Reunion hotel discount/block good from Tuesday, July 20, to Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

The registration process is a two-fold process, hotel registration and reunion fees.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations or changes to your existing reservation can be accomplished by emailing Lori Gregoire (fastest method) to: “Click Here” to Contact Lori Gregoire for a room reservation or to make changes to your existing reservation. or by calling Lori directly, 520-544-1709, and request the ISB Room Block. If you’re a Hilton Honors Members, please provide that information to receive your points. You must book through Lori to receive our room rate or to be included in the ISB Network Reunion room block. If you book directly through the Hilton by phone or their website You will NOT be included in the ISB Network Room Block.

Room Rates: $115—this is the same rate for single, double, triple or quad.
Reunion hotel discount/block good from Tuesday, July 20, to Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

Note: You will be charged for one room night when you make your reservation. This charge is totally refundable provided that you cancel 72 hours prior to your first nights stay. If you cancel or change inside of the 72 hours you will lose your deposit.

Reunion Registration

Reunion registration can be accomplished by Clicking Here
The current registration fee is:

$200/Sustaining Members, Spouse, Guest and $180 child under 11

$220/Members, Spouse, Guest and $200 child under 11

$250/non-members, Spouse, Guest and $230 child under 11.

So…now is the time to join ISBN to take advantage of one of the perks of Membership.

For those of you who registered for the Thai dinner, it will now be held Thursday, July 22, 2021. We are currently sold out of the optional first Thai dinner, but we are working on a second Thai dinner. If you would like to be put on the wait list for the first dinner, or interested in the second dinner, please email us to:

Class of 1961 – 60th
Class of 1971 – 50th
Class of 1981 – 40th
Class of 1991 – 30th (From here down boggles my mind!)
Class of 2001 – 20th
Class of 2011 – 10th

Thank you to all for your patience! See you at Mai Pen Rai @ the Oasis reunion 2021!

David Wilkerson
ISB Network INC.
Director of Reunions

Details can be found and will be updated as we work out the details of this fantastic event! You can also contact David Wilkerson by emailing to director.reunions at isbnetwork dot com

Presidential Suite Raffle! UPDATE: Paul Heidemann Class of 1973 is the WINNER

We are raffling “THE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE” at the El Conquistador. The drawing will take place on May 5, 2021, just before the reunion giving the winner ample time to cancel their room reservation and or to modify their travel arrangements.

Why cancel your room? Because the winner, winner, chickin’ dinner, will receive the suite for FREE for up to 6 days during the reunion block dates!!

The value of the room would be in excess of $4000.00. BUT don’t get too excited, because the raffled room holds no actual cash value!! 🙁

Purchase your raffle tickets here: Raffle

Specific Details:
The raffle tickets are only sold in groups of 5 therefore the minimum purchase is $25.00 or 5 tickets.

There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase, so feel free to purchase as many as you want. Remember, the more tickets that you purchase the better your odds of winning!!

The tickets will be assigned by number beginning with 1- (10000 or as many as are purchased) in the order (date and time) of your purchase via PayPal. Even though the tickets are sold in increments of five (5), each individual ticket will be assigned a number.

We will draw the winner on May 5, 2021, and contact the winner via the email address listed in their PayPal transaction. Be sure to list a valid email address that you check often.

The suite will be free of charge to the winner and available for the full 6 days of the reunion block dates. Some taxes could apply but as of this writing we are being told there will be no taxes.

The raffle tickets purchased do not qualify for a member discount.

You must attend the reunion, and be fully registered with us, and have a room reservation, or have your name tied to a room reservation on the pickup report generated by the hotel to qualify.

If there is a second person listed on your reservation it can be used by them if you do not attend.

You can’t assign or give the suite to another person/reservation, it must go to your room reservation.

If you are unable to use the suite, we will draw a second name and assign the suite to them.

The Presidential suite raffle holds no cash value so there is no monetary credit to anyone however, we are told that it would cost someone in excess of $600.00 per night to book the suite.

The monies generated by the raffle will be used to enhance our reunions by purchasing badly needed AV equipment.

Contact for questions or visit the FAQ on our website.

Looking for a ride to the Hotel from the Airport? Looking to share a ride from anywhere to the reunion? You can find that ride here!   So to get started please Click Here..

When the link comes up press “Get Started” and “Don’t have an Account”.

You just need your name, email, and password, then press “Next”.

You will need to include a zipcode (this is a commuter link so they need to know where you are, you can enter any zipcode).

You don’t need a Network, leave blank and click on “I Agree”  You should see a prompt and press “OK”.

Then press “Let’s Go”.

Now you will need to post your ride.  From the airport to the hotel (the airport is Tucson International Airport and the hotel is 10000 N. Oracle).  You will need to post your date and time you arrive at the airport.  Check this is a one time trip option and click this is a “Carpool”.

You can list a trip to the biosphere  when you are there, you can look from someone who is traveling from say Austin driving to the reunion and wants to share the ride.  This is a great tool.

You may not see a response posted right away but when you do you will receive an email to the address you signed in with so make sure it is a good one.

Calling all Musicians!

Are you a… vocalist, guitar, bass, keyboard player or drummer? Be a part of the ISB 2021 Teen Club Jam Band in Tucson Arizona. The band will perform on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Meet new people and have fun performing your favorite music. You can travel light thanks to the famous “Wilkerson Warehouse Production Unit” all instruments will be provided. Not comfortable with a strange rig? Bring your personal axe along. Add yourself to the lineup by contacting Roger Lyles at roger at paddockcakes dot com please leave your name along with the instrument or instruments you play plus 5 of your favorite songs that you would like to perform. I look forward to your replies and seeing you in Tucson. Updates will be posted periodically.
Thank you,
Roger Lyles