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2023 Reunion Update “We are going baaaaaack to Daytona!”

Saturday 7/24/21 Former Reunion Director David Wilkerson announced the 2023 All Class Reunion would be held at the Dayton Beach Oceanfront Resort hotel in Daytona Beach Florida. The Reunion dates are 8/4 – 8/6 2023. The room block is good from 8/1 – 8/8/2023.

Hilton Daytona Beach Aerial View
A Day In The Life at the Daytona Beach Hilton!

Reunion attendees at the Tucson reunion were given 48 hours to pre-register at a discounted pre-early bird rate. At the closing of the pre-early bird period, 100 people had pre-registered. The early bird rate has expired (January 1, 2023).  

The current reunion rates are as follows:

Sustaining Member: $220.00
Member: $230.00
Non-Member: $290.00

Hotel room reservations became available on Saturday, 8/27/2022. The room rate will be $138.00 + taxes.

2023 Thai Dinner:

The Thursday night Thai dinner option is being offered to attendees in the order they registered. At this time we expect to be able to seat 100+ people.  We will email the list in order of registration until it is sold out.  Please make sure to check your email for the invite.  

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