2018 Biennial Reunion

We have selected the Music City Sheraton in Nashville, TN for our 2018 Reunion. The block room dates are July 17-24, 2018 (official events July 19-22). Room reservations can be made as well as registering for the reunion! Don’t delay – the ever-fun, ever-memorable reunion is just a few months away. Kick It!!

ISB Network Reunion Fee Update
Member Alumni: $170
Nonmember Alumni: $180
Spouse/Guest: $170
Children age 12 and up: $145
Thursday Thai Dinner Continues to Grow!
The optional Thursday night dinner is not included in the reunion fees…but that hasn’t stopped 100 people from signing up! It is an additional $40.00 if you choose to attend. *****NOTE***** The first Thai Dinner is sold out but we will be announcing a second one soon. Email the Director of Reunions for details. (See contact page for email information).